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We have to focus on what we want, not on what we don't want. ~MyTrainerFitness.com
Accept who you are, and you will gain an incredible freedom. ~MyTrainerFitness.com
Water Exercise Snack ~MyTrainerFitness.com
Wake up early Wake up Grateful Workout your way to happiness! Fuel your body with a healthy meal Stop being
Coffee makes you smarter! Coffee can help you be fit. Coffee loves your liver! Coffee is one of the best
Changing your workout keeps boredom at bay and weight away. ~LeAura Alderson, MyTrainerFitness.com
Cardiovascular Health Blood Sugar and Insulin Sensitivity Increasing Energy and Endurance Weight loss Improved Colonic Health ~MyTrainerFitness.com
Fights Diabetes Helps Prevent Cancer Boosts Immune Health Promotes Healthy Bones Prevents Cold Fights Birth Defects Fights Heart Diseases Regulates
Everyday I am one step closer.. to realizing who I was meant to become. ~Maria Kang
Be fearlessly you. ~LeAura Alderson, BoomersReinvented.com
Go be real! ~LeAura Alderson, BoomersReinvented.com
We are what we pretend to be. So we must be careful what we pretend to be. ~Kurt Vonnegut