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Monday Meme

Got out of bed this morning and stepped in a big pile of Monday. ~Pinterest
#Monslay I'm alive. Motivated. Determined. And ready to slay the day! ~Pinterest
Drink your coffee and grab Monday by the beans. ~Nanea Hoffman
Monday Plan Drink coffee and figure my crap out (We'll see how it goes) ~Pinterest
All Right, Monday. Do your Mondayest. I've got coffee, stubbornness, and a whole lotta weird. Bring it on! ~Nanea Hoffman 
Monday Checklist: Wake up Make Coffee Do Amazing Things ~Pinterest
Monday Motivation: Drink your coffee Stay focused and positive Don't freak out Remember, stabbing other people is wrong! Are you
OMG!! It's coming... Monday's coming!!! ~Pinterest
I'm not ready for Monday... Can I have another Sunday? ~Pinterest