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Favorite Daily Tonics
My favorite daily tonics include; nettle, comfrey, rosemary, oats, lemon balm, hawthorn, dandelion and burdock. ~Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist, author
Comfrey Cultivated As a Healing Herb
Wild common comfrey, Symphytum officinale, has been cultivated since about 400 BC as a healing herb. ~Purdue University
Changes for Achievements
Most people are not yet ready to change… to do the work necessary to achieve what they need to achieve.
When We're Lost, We Understand Ourselves
Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves. ~Henry David Thoreau
Spinach is a Medicinal Protein Vegetable
Growing longevity spinach is a medicinal protein vegetable. ~GardensAll.com
Spinach for Food and Medicine
We grow longevity spinach for food and medicine, and eat a few leaves a day as vitamins. Pop a leaf!
Sage is Perennial with Edible, Medicinal and Ornamental Value
Sage is hardy perennial in zones 5-8, with edible, medicinal and ornamental value. ~GardensAll.com
Marsh Mallow Plant a Return to Edible and Medicinal Roots
Marsh mallow plant a return to edible and medicinal roots. ~GardensAll.com
10 Minutes to Better for Sore Throats
10 Minutes to Better for Sore Throats 99.8% of participants with sore throats from dry cough showed positive improvements from