Happiness is not a destination

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Happiness is not a destination. Happiness a a journey. Enjoy.

~LeAura Alderson, MyTrainerFitness.com

GRATITUDE: For the hassles that come with the privileges of this high tech era.

Everyday, I start my day with gratitude.

This morning, I spent the past hour combing through emails and Skype conversations to compile a substantiating message to a freelancer we hired who billed us for unauthorized work. That was a hassle… that was an hour I did not have to waste.

YET…. in perspective… it’s the kind of problem of privilege. I.e., to be “hassled” over something so non-life threatening… so menial to the big picture. In the big picture, these annoyances are minutiae.

Inconveniences are never worth getting upset over.

To get upset over these things is to give them a power in my life that they do not deserve.

To get upset is to give them more time and space to derail my day.

No. I think not.

If we sweat the small stuff, how will we handle the big stuff when it comes our way…?

This may sound silly, but it’s so true. This mindset literally saved my life by having developed within me the disinclination to react and panic when my life literally counted on it.

Upward and onward… past just another speed bump in life. 🙂

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