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What you push against yields to the extent that you push. LeAura Alderson, iCreatDaily.com
Today, artists who want to grow their work in the world, must be entrepreneurs. And entrepreneurs, must be artists. Artists
From December to March, there are for many of us, three gardens: The garden outdoors, the garden of pots and
Dissatisfaction keeps us moving upward and onward. Dissatisfaction fuels growth. ~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com
Determination and dedication are the bricks and mortar of creating work that matters. ~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com
Whatever is holding you back... whatever you fear, don't let it stop you. What you focus on grows. #FearQuotes #EmersonQuotes #WhatYouFocusOnGrows #SuccessQuotes #PersonalDevelopment #iCreateDaily #FocusQuotes
Do that which you fear to do, and the fear will die. ~LeAura Alderson, author, podcaster, entrepreneur, co-founder-iCreateDaily.com
Create Daily and Your Work Will Soar
Create daily and your work will soar. LeAura Alderson, author, podcaster, entrepreneur, co-founder ~ iCreateDaily
The business of the art gives as much as is given to it. ~Mandy Thompson
Branding is about connecting and serving. ~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com