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Relationships: Family, Friends, and Social Life Goals • Be a grandmother/grandfather • Get married to the man/woman of my dreams.
Picnic Tables
Picnic tables are inviting hangouts, for good times and good food with family and friends. ~GardensAll.com
The Mallow Family
The mallow family includes: Hibiscus Rose of Sharon Hollyhock Marshmallow Okra Cotton ~GardensAll.com
Sooner Or Later Kids Indebting and Cogs System Be Implemented
Sooner or later parents have to take responsibility for putting their kids into a system that is indebting them and
Observe for Answers
People unconsciously repel the very things they are seeking. Observe. Answers lay hidden there. ~LeAura Alderson, author, podcaster, entrepreneur, co-founder-iCreateDaily
The Family is the Why
The entrepreneur’s ‘why’ is usually his family. He’s doing this for them as much as for himself. ~LeAura Alderson, author, podcaster,
Parenting and Self Esteem
A child raised to be a contributing member of a family business grows self esteem and a sense of importance
Parenting in Accordance with Nature
No where in nature, does the higher of the “tribe” or “pack”, cater to the whims of adolescence. ~LeAura Alderson,
Common Sense and Guilt Free Parenting
Don’t let the modern meme of not being there for your kid’s game or recital guilt you. That’s upside down