Affimation helps etch in your goals and mindset
Affirmation is the Powerful Tool
A powerful tool is to ‘chant’ affirmations during exercise. Affirmation helps etch in your goals and mindset into your psyche.
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Never Give Up on Yourself and Your Dreams
Never give up on yourself and your dreams. You wouldn’t do that to a friend. LeAura Alderson,
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Life at its Purest is Good
Life at its purest is good. Mandy Thompson, Artist
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Creativity is my Core
Creativity is my core. ~LeAura Alderson,
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Who Will Be In The World?
Who will you be in the world? Who must you be? Who can’t you but be? ~LeAura Alderson,
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We Become What We Repeatedly Do
We become what we repeatedly do. ~Sean Covey, iCreateDaily
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