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Positive Affirmation: I am Strong, I am Resilient, I am Good. #Affirmation #Empowerment #PositiveAffirmation #Iam #IamGood #IamStrong #Strength #Resilience
AFFIRMATION: I am resilient, I am strong, I am good. ~iCreateDaily.com®
Quotes on Fear and Darkness. #OptimismQuote #Positivity #Fear #Doubt #DarkTimes #Fitness
The more positivity we set in motion the less the darkness holds sway. ~LeAura Alderson, author, podcaster, entrepreneur, co-founder-iCreateDaily®
To learn to move beyond fear and anxiety is one of the most important personal growth lessons we can achieve. #FearAndAnxiety #FearQuotes #AnxietyQuotes #Stress
Change is scary because it requires us to move beyond our comfort zone into unknowns. But through change, we grow.
Your Zone of Genius
Your zone of genius, is the place where your purpose resides, and purpose brings power. ~LeAura Alderson, author, podcaster, entrepreneur,
We Make Tiny Teeny Decisions
None of us wake up and say, ‘Today is the day I destroy my life.’ We make these teeny tiny
Creators Who Pursue Purpose
Creators need meaning over money, but we need money too to be free to pursue purpose. ~LeAura Alderson, author, podcaster,
Time to Get On With Your Purpose
Time to get on with your purpose. Don’t waste precious time congregating around negativity… yours or that of others. Immerse
Problems Are Wake-up Calls for Creativity
Problems are nothing but wake-up calls for creativity. ~Gerhard Gschwandtner, Author, founder and CEO of Selling Power
Do Until You Make It
I just think that activity follows identity. And so I don’t think you fake it till you make it, but