20 Drawing Prompts

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20 Drawing Prompts

1. Open your camera roll (on your phone or computer), and pick one of your last five photos to draw.

2. Go to the park, cafe, or any place you can sit for a while, and draw the surrounding scene.

3. Choose a favorite lyric from a song you like and draw what comes to mind.

4. Look up from whatever device you’re reading this article on, draw the first thing you see.

5. Draw your pet but add a crazy setting to the background: flying a space ship, at the desk in the Oval Office, in the Safaree, or whatever imaginative funky setting comes to mind.

6. What comes to mind when you think of a: “Portal to infinity”? Draw it!

7. Sketch a self-portrait but include goals you want to achieve in your life.

8. Draw a country, state, or place you want to travel to but haven’t yet.

9. Draw a country, state, or place you’ve already traveled too.

10. Have a dream house in mind? Sketch it out! If you don’t already have your perfect house in mind, you can always search Home Design on Pinterest!

11. Draw what you think you might find if you were scuba diving and found an old ship under the sea.

12. If you currently play an instrument, draw it! Or draw one you’d like to learn.

13. Draw your family. Or drawn the family you envision one day.

14. Quickly sketch your favorite meal, but only use one color.

15. Take a colored pencil color that you almost never use. Draw something you typically would draw (portrait, flower, animal, etc) but only use varying shades of that one color.

16. Scribble all over your paper, it doesn’t have to make any sense. Then color in the shapes. See if any abstract shape or scene pops out when you’re done.

17. Choose a favorite chapter of a book you like and sketch what you think that scene looks like in your head. If that book is a show or movie, preferably don’t copy the movie scene.

18. Have a drawing block? Draw all the things that distract you from focusing on your art (think: Netflix logo, hours of video gaming, over-sleeping).

19. Draw your gratitude list for the day!

20. Is there something that really scares you? Draw it as if it was some spooky monster. Then, give it a funny outfit. Like in Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom pictured Snape (a professor he was scared of) in his aunt’s clothes.