15 Quick Drawing Prompts

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15 Quick Drawing Prompts

1. Quickly sketch first thing you picked you today (your glasses? coffee cup? bathrobe?).

2. Are you into the shape of a tulip or daffodil or hyacinth? Put spring on a page.

3. There is definitely ART in food. Draw food! Pizzas are fun (that was my dinner last night). What about Pie? And Burgers. You can color it in later if you want to sketch it now.

4. Meditation art: draw an emotion/color/shape that you see/heard/felt in your meditation or early morning quiet time (if you have any of that).

5. Utilize poetry or some other writing as a shove in the right direction (for YOU). It could be inspirational, hopeful, humorous, or perhaps historical.

6. Take inspiration from a song. “Sailing” (Christopher Cross) is in my head right now, as well as “Everything’s All Right” (Webber from JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR).

7. Sketch a series-i.e., “three glimpses of spring (or fall, or summer, or happiness, or grief).

8. Make a statement-what do YOU want to say today on your sketch book? Do you want to show frustrations of anger in colors? How about peaceful marks on a page instead?

9. Put pencil to paper-even if you don’t know WHAT you want to say in your art. Close your eyes and draw, then look down to see what it is. Food for thought.

10. Draw inspiration from another art piece. You might use a famous painting or photo to parody, or to copy in your own style.

11. Take one of your other drawings, perhaps NOT your favorite. Cut it up into squares and reassemble it in another way. Draw what results from that mix up.

12. Draw on a photograph. I used metallic markers on a matte photo.

13. Make your own coloring page-We used to call this “scribble art”. We drew shapes on the paper, not picking up the pencil point until we were finished covering the page, then we used markers or crayon or pencils to fill in the shapes with color. (This was before “adult coloring books”, but definitely as inspiring).

14. A week long challenge: take 7 pieces of drawing paper; make random shape with marker or dark pencil lead on each; each day pick up one of these and finish the drawing in whatever way you wish. On day 8, choose the drawing that is most inviting to you and paint it or highlight it.

15 Spring cleaning art! Clean out your bag/drawer; casually drop the contents onto table or counter, then don’t rearrange them Sketch the contents just as it fell.

~iCreateDaily.com contributing artists, Lynda Suzanne Wright